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Meet the Horses of WIREC


Amen Amen

"Monkey" is an Arabian gelding born in 2003.  He has done a variety of things in his life including: Saddleseat, Dressage, Jumping, Western Dressage, Trail and Eventing.

His most recent job is to become a beginner lesson horse for our young riders just starting out in their riding career.  He loves attention and he will do just about anything for a treat.



Oatmeal is a seasoned lesson pony veteran.  But don't underestimate her.  She has the ability to take a confident rider far and teach them a lot along the way. Oatmeal is not for the beginner rider.



"Sampson" is a 9yr old OTTB who joined WIREC in August.  He is a bit on the lazy side with his go to speed being snail.  He loves to give lessons and get treats.


Turner Ashby

"Ash" is a loveable 6yr old OTTB.  He came off the track last year and is still green under saddle but he is coming along nicely.


Sandman's Bay

"Goose" is a sensitive Quarter Horse gelding who has won over everyone at the farm.  His grumpy face is all bark and no bite. He is an amazing Dressage school master and I hope to compete at Second Level with him.


Baron Verdi

"Verdi" is a gentle giant who loves to eat and be groomed.  He loves teaching beginner riders and getting as dirty in the pasture as possible.


Cat N West

"Moose" is an OTTB (off the track Thoroughbred) who won't hurt a fly. Rose is aiming to compete at First Level with him in 2022.


Gospel Nightlight

"Noodle" is an 8yr old OTTB who loves children. He is just starting to enter the lesson program life.


Olaf's Warm Hugs

"Tezzy" is a 17yr old draft cross mare who has taken the farm by storm. Everything about her is big from her heart, to her feet and her appetite. She is an amazing lesson horse and has been a wonderful addition to the lesson program.

"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle." 
- Winston Churchill

Horses of WIREC: Classes
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